Summer Essential: Perfect Nails

You all probably know how much I am obsessed with Shellac, it literally is amazing! If (you live under a rock and) haven’t tried it yet, you need to. Some people say it is too expensive, but I have the perfect solution… at-home gel manicures.

Yesterday, I bought the Red Carpet Manicure kit at Ulta and tried it out last night! I am super impressed, it was so easy, and it seems just like the manicures I typically get at the salon.

This is the kit I bought, it had everything I needed, but I got a different color because I feel like red isn’t super summery. I chose this pink color called “Simply Adorable,” and it is nice and light and makes me look a little more tan than I actually am! I am extremely happy with my purchase, but I will say I do like the UV light my salon uses because you can put your whole hand in at once versus this light where you have to do your 4 fingers and then thumbs separately.


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