How To: Write the Perfect Thank You Note

I am the first to admit that I do not always write thank you notes even though I should 100% of the time! Handwritten thank you’s are such a personal and intimate way to let the person who gave you something know that you really appreciated the thought that went into it.

Here are 5 very simple steps to help you write the perfect note that will be sincere and thoughtful without being over-the-top:

  1. Start with your greeting. This typically is “Dear …”, but if that is to formal you can just use the person’s name.
  2. Write specifically what you are thanking them for, this makes the note sooo much more personal and really relays that this is not just a “form letter.”
  3. Add a sentence about how you are using the gift, or how you plan to use it.
  4. Make sure to tell them how thoughtful the gift was and again how much you appreciate it.
  5. Sign off. “Love”, “Warm wishes”, “Best”… find something that works for you.
    Here are my favorite places to buy thank you cards because they are so beautiful.

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