Take a Step Back

I saw this quote and it reminded me how easy it is to get caught up in your busy life and only think about what we want next. I know we’re all guilty of it!

I wanted to take a moment to be thankful for 5 very important things in my life right now:

  1. My family: I am so blessed to have such an amazingly supportive family. No matter what I do they are always there to help me succeed and that has meant the world to me!
  2. Miami University: Choosing to come to Miami University for college was one of the best decisions of my life. I am so happy I am in the business school as a marketing major, I feel it has opened so many doors for me and really helped me pinpoint my goals.
  3. Saucy, Jorge, Jerry, Milo, Otis and Tuffy: All of these furry friends have brought so much joy and fun to my life, I can’t imagine it without them!
  4. My job: Working at Nordstrom has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel extremely lucky to love what I do and be excited to go to work everyday! I could not ask for more in regards to a career.
  5. My friends: Last, but not least, my incredible friends are really what make my life so exciting. I am so happy to have gained new friends, rekindled old friendships and built more memories with my current best friends! After graduation, I am so thrilled to be moving in with one of my friends, I know we are going to have the best time together and have an amazingly adorable apartment!

What are you thankful for?


6 thoughts on “Take a Step Back

  1. You have showed great perseverance behind the blog. It’s been enriched since the beginning. I love to share to with my friends. Carry on.

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