Dream Closet

A well organized closet can save so much time and frustration when getting dressed everyday! I wish mine looked as great as these pictures, but I make due with the spaces I have. My closet at school is teeny, tiny and makes it hard to squeeze everything in.

Using a bookcase as a shoe organizer is smart and very resourceful. I personally have each pair of my shoes in an individual plastic shoe box, labeled on the front so I can easily see what each pair is. I love this system when I’m at home, because all the boxes fit in the top of my closet, but when I’m at school I have to stack them behind my door because I don’t have the room in my closet.

I love this black closet, it’s so glamourous, but I feel like I need more light to get dressed everyday!I have my closet broken up similarly to this… by item, and then by color. It makes it so much easier to find anything and put stuff away, because everything has its place!
This closet is so organized, but it seriously has NOTHING in it, I mean there are literally 12 items on the top bar. Pretty much every woman has more than 12 tops and jackets. I like the overall idea of the different levels, but it needs to be bigger!



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