Watch Yourself

I never used to wear watches, but over the past couple of years I have learned to love them! It’s to the point that if I forget to put mine on in the morning I find myself constantly checking the time out of habit. I love to wear my watches (on my left wrist because I’m a righty) with a few different bracelets so I get the stacked look. Currently I’m wearing a friendship style bracelet which I bought while studying abroad, a David Yurman classic cable bangle, a David Yurman spiritual bead bracelet in silver and pearls with a yellow gold bead, and then sometimes a gold bracelet I got when up in the Adirondaks at an art show.

Watches are such a great way to invest (or not) in an accessory that you’ll wear everyday! I have a few watches…well…maybe more than a few, but I wear my gold or silver Michele watches the most often! I love Michele’s because you can switch out the bands to make them look like a whole new watch. I have a white quilted band, and a black alligator band they are each 18 mm so they fit both of watches.

I have put together some great watches at all different price points, so they should be able to appeal to almost anyone! Can we please just take a moment to look at that Tag watch (soooo many diamonds=LOVE.)


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