Back to School: 2nd Semester Senior

Today is the start of my last semester as an undergraduate student at Miami! This is going to be a seriously bittersweet day because I am going to miss all of my great friends once I graduate, but on the other hand I am ready for a new challenge.

I have been so lucky to have received such a great education here at Miami through the business school. I have loved (almost) every minute of it! I am super excited for my classes this semester and I think that they will be a nice transition into “the real world.”

I chose this outfit because I try to look (at least semi) put together when I’m headed to class, because I think if you’re dressed well you’ll feel better and in turn learn more?! My logic may be questionable, but I’m going with it! I am a huge vest person, they are so easy to throw over literally anything and you can pretty much leave them on indoors which is nice! The striped shirt and jeans are classic and don’t look like you’re trying too hard, because honestly it IS just class. The accessories are fun and will make it a little less sporty, and as Rachel Zoe says it’s always best to excessorize! The LV bag is my everyday bag which I use as a book bag, an overnight bag, a purse and much more, it has been one of my best investments to date.

On to school supplies, I would DIE without my Macbook Pro. I literally use it for EVERYTHING and I love it! I do however prefer to keep my schedule and assignments written down in a hard copy, just so I make sure not to forget anything, that’s where the Lilly Pulitzer planner comes in. I have the large one which is big enough to fit all of my classes, my work schedule, my extracurriculars and even more! I love that it’s bright and fun, oh and the fact you can jazz up a special event with stickers is adorable!


3 thoughts on “Back to School: 2nd Semester Senior

  1. That look would be so dressy for my school where almost everyone just wears yoga pants and a tee. I like it a lot though, I would maybe wear it shopping! Also, is that an iphone case on the left, if so, where is it from?

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