Yellow & Orange Are Everywhere

As I was coming up the escalator at work I realized that orange and yellow were seriously at the forefront of almost every department. They are certainly going to be the most popular colors of the spring/summer season with shades of bright lemon. tangerine, coral, and of course neon is still here and doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon!

This Tracy Reese sweater is ADORABLE, I think it would be a perfect pop of color for the inevitably cold, gloomy winter days we still have ahead this year.

If this gown isn’t to die for, I don’t know what is. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Orange doesn’t only apply to clothing, it is going to be popular throughout both fashion and interior design/decorating. How lovely would a vase of these flowers be sitting in the windowsill or on the kitchen table? Little touches like these are what make a house a home.

Again, this gown is ridiculously beautiful! I just wish I had a fancy occasion coming up so I could wear such a pretty dress.This girl’s street style is amazing. I am obsessed with her pants, and pairing them with the grey makes them beautiful, chic and timeless.

Remember: Pops are color are best versus full on head to toe bright or neon! This same rule applies to home decorators/ interior designers, strategically using a blog, bright color will draw the eye in while still allowing it to appreciate and take in the color and surrounding area.

Even though I have blonde hair and fair skin, I am still super excited to start buying things in bright citrus colors which make me so ready for spring! Let’s all wear our best brights and wish for a short, mild winter here in Cincinnati!


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