Matchbook Magazine: #7

I stumbled upon Matchbook Magazine one day over the summer and I fell in love! The new issue was just published yesterday and is fantastic as always! I love that Jessie Randall was on the cover and that we got to see a behind the scenes look at the company. Not to mention that I am obsessed with her red leopard dress…perfection!

This is my favorite part of the online magazine every month, whether it’s new year’s resolutions, a wish list, or a fall to do list, I am always completely inspired by the ideas. I can honestly say I really want to do #1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12! See what I mean? Matchbook Magazine feels like it was written specifically for me!

As if that feature is not enough, they always knock it out of the park when they “Re-imagine” famous previous “Matchbook girls,” such as the likes of Amelia Erhart, Elizabeth Taylor and this month, Brigitte Bardot. I feel like that blue rug and chair are calling my name…loudly! That chalkboard could potentially be D.I.Y.’ed for my apartment next year, I think it would be adorable in the kitchen or entryway.

Even though Matchbook is so inspiring through their magazine, they post daily inspiration through tumblr, a blog, twitter and Facebook! Their tumblr is by far my favorite and I think I reblog almost everything they post because their postings are so incredible!

Check them out!!


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