Movie Review: My Week With Marilyn

I really liked “My Week With Marilyn,” I thought Michelle Williams was fantastic and gave a brilliant portrayal of Monroe’s struggle through life as one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses. The movie was beautiful and thoughtful in every way, however the plot lacked a little bit of intrigue.

While Williams was the star of the film, Eddie Redmayne who played Colin Clark really stole the show. He was magnificent, I felt as if I could completely relate to everything he was experiencing; the job hunt, the star shock, his heartbreak, and the list goes on…

Emma Watson also played her role as Lucy the wardrobe coordinator very well, she seemed candid and overall very coy. I appreciated that even though she is a huge movie star, she was cast in a supporting role and did quite well!

Overall: ★★★


One thought on “Movie Review: My Week With Marilyn

  1. I think this is a great piece of casting. Eddie is a great guy and a wonderful, hardworking actor, who happens to have a great voice. I’m sure he’ll shine in this. Big congrats to him and to the Les Miz crew for making such a classy choice!

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